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Secure an inspiring keynote speaker, and discover the current trends and developments in data and technology! At Data Wise Consultancy, we understand the challenges in today's business environment and how harnessing the power of data can propel your organization forward to gain a significant edge in today's rapidly evolving market!

Are you looking for a keynote speaker?

Are you searching for a dynamic keynote speaker to elevate your event? Look no further!

Introducing Valérie Vernout, the visionary founder of Data Wise Consultancy, who brings a fresh perspective to the intersection of data, AI, and business strategy. Valérie has gained considerable experience as a keynote speaker at national and international events, such as at CompTIA Benelux and CompTIA DACH. Her audience appreciates her presentations for their valuable insights and inspiring delivery, earning her a prominent reputation in the industry.

Unlock the door to transformative insights with Valérie's engaging keynote presentations, meticulously crafted to suit your event's theme and objectives.

Choose from two exclusive packages:

Full-day immersion:
Experience a full day of my expertise for only 1500 euro (excl. taxes and travel expenses). Delve into the world of data and AI or topics such as Women in Tech with 8 hours of captivating content, enhanced by a personalized preparation call of 2 hours. This call is essential for ensuring the highest quality presentation tailored to your event's unique needs.

Half-day exploration:
Embark on a journey of discovery with the half-day package, priced at 900 euro (excl. taxes and travel expenses). Enjoy 4 hours of insightful discourse, complemented by the same thorough preparation call of 2 hours. Perfect for events seeking a condensed yet impactful experience.

With Valérie as your guide, your audience will gain actionable strategies, real-world examples, and invaluable takeaways to drive organizational success. From motivating teams to fostering innovation, Valérie's presentations empower attendees to embrace change and harness the power of data-driven decision-making.

Contact us now to secure your date and embark on a transformative journey towards organizational excellence. Seize the opportunity to inspire, educate, and empower your audience—book Valérie as your keynote speaker today!

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