"Data Wise Consultancy was born out of my unwavering passion for data and my strong desire to guide and support organizations in their journey towards growth and transformation, empowering them to achieve a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape." - Valérie Vernout, Founder of Data Wise Consultancy.

Data Wise Consultancy aims to create a positive impact. We strive to help organizations optimize their internal processes, unlock their data-driven potential and enable them to make better decisions. We believe that successful organizations are built on a solid foundation of efficient processes, engaged employees and smart data applications.

Our goal is to guide organizations in reaching their full potential. We want to help them innovate faster, reduce costs, become more customer-centric, and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. We believe that every improvement journey is unique and requires tailor-made solutions. That's why we work closely with our clients, listen to their needs, and develop customized solutions that align with their specific objectives.

With our expertise in data analysis, process optimization, and change management, we help organizations embrace a culture of continuous improvement. We believe in the importance of involving employees at all levels of the organization so that everyone feels ownership of the improvement process and is motivated to contribute to the organization's success.

We are passionate about supporting our clients in achieving their goals and helping them establish a solid foundation for sustainable success.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to help organizations achieve their goals through data-driven insights and decisions, supported by streamlined processes and engaged people. We strive to extract valuable insights from data and translate them into actionable strategies and tactics that empower our clients to strengthen their competitive position, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and drive growth.

Our vision is to be a trusted partner in delivering data-driven solutions that enable organizations to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. Through continuous innovation, advanced analytical techniques, and expertise in data management, we will remain at the forefront of providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations to our clients. We aim to guide organizations in transforming their business processes, fostering data-driven decision-making, and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

Core values

  1. Data-driven insights: We believe in the power of data and analytical methods to generate valuable insights that support decision-making and drive organizational objectives.
  2. Streamlined processes: We strive to optimize processes and promote efficiency through automated workflows and best practices, allowing our clients to benefit from faster and reliable results.
  3. Engaged people: We recognize the importance of engagement and collaboration from people at all levels of the organization. We encourage a culture where knowledge sharing, teamwork, and personal growth are nurtured.

We are committed to understanding the unique needs and objectives of our clients and aim to deliver customized solutions that enhance their success. We embrace continuous improvement and innovation, both within our own organization and in the solutions we offer, to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the changing business landscape.

With this mission, vision, and core values, we strive to assist organizations in realizing their potential and guide them on their journey towards data-driven success.